The NLBRA is known for a massive scholarship program for its members. NLBRA members have numerous opportunities each year to apply or earn a portion of nearly $80,000 awarded annually. Children as young as 5, yes 5 are already building their college funds. Those funds continue to grow throughout their rodeo career and in some cases NLBRA members have left with tens of thousands of dollars in scholarship funds.

  • World Event Scholarships Some of the most well-known scholarship awards are: World Champions ($1,000), Reserve Champions ($700) and Third in the World. These scholarships know as World Event Scholarships were doubled for the 2015 National Little Britches Finals Rodeo.
  • World All Around Scholarships: These $1,000 Scholarships are sponsored by Ram Rodeo in each division. The Reserve All Around earns a $500 Scholarship.
  • Wrangler Academic Scholarships: Each year, Wrangler awards $8,000 in Academic Scholarships. High school seniors are encouraged to complete the application, submit transcripts and following some directions. The criteria for these scholarship awards are based on academic excellence. The top boy and top girl each receive a $2,000 award and the next four earn $1,000 scholarships. Traditionally, these scholarships are awarded prior to the Monday evening performance at the National Little Britches Finals Rodeo. All recipients must be present or the award is handed to the next highest scored application.
  • Rainwater Scholarship: The Rainwater Scholarship is awarded from the Rainwater Fund, which was set up in memory of former Little Britches Rodeo members, siblings, who lost their lives in separate car accidents. This $500 scholarship is awarded to four members each year. The process for those in the senior division is a very simple application submitted along with high school transcripts.
  • Age Out Scholarships: A new scholarship, established in 2014, this scholarship application process must be done and submitted by the appropriate deadlines. A fairly simple process to meet the criteria and when you do it could be worth another $500 to your scholarship fund.
  • National Royalty Scholarship: Upon completing a year's service promoting the NLBRA and returning to present the crown to the newly selected representatives, those meeting the established criteria (Queen, Princess and Little Wrangler Princess) earn a $500 scholarship.
  • Youth Board Officer Scholarship: Youth Board Officers serve the membership by attending and being actively involved at four annual board meetings. The Youth Board Officers are primarily responsible for the awards including exotic skins on saddle seats and buckle designs, grand entry themes. Additionally, they represent the Association in their travels and return to host the National Finals Rodeo producing the youth events, such as the dances, which helps to fund the $500 scholarship each has the opportunity to earn with such services.

How to get the scholarships you've earned

  1. Complete the back of the scholarship certificate and then send it to the NLBRA National Office
  2. All scholarship requests are brought to the upcoming Executive Board Meeting and are voted on to be approved
  3. Scholarship funds are sent directly to the educational institution listed on the back of the scholarship certificate.

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